Bringing networking back to your work life

Northern Housing Social is a series of online virtual networking groups, bringing together the North’s housing professionals and giving you the opportunity to make new contacts, openly chat about your experiences over the last few months, your business challenges, share good news and how you are preparing for the future.

Everyone will get the chance to speak, with places limited to 30 per social with a mix of both public and private sector attendees.

To ensure a balanced audience, private sector registrations will be limited to one company attendee and business type per social and available strictly on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS.  



Introduction from Chair


Each attendee is invited to give a 60 second ‘elevator’ introduction – which can include a short brief about their role, company, challenges they’ve faced, plans for the future and any recent good news

Keynote 1:

1 x public sector organisation will be invited to give a 5 minute presentation (including option of video or keynote presentation) followed by a short Q&A

Keynote 2:

1 x private sector organisation will be invited to give a 5 minute presentation (including option of video or keynote presentation) followed by a short Q&A

Networking & Close:

Attendees will have the opportunity to talk one-on-one in ‘private chat rooms’

Follow up: 

Digital brochure including links to both keynote presentations along with attendee profiles, photos and social links will be shared with the group members

The next series of Northern Housing Socials will be organised by area of expertise, to ensure it is relevant to your job role and professional community.

We are delighted to confirm that Northern Housing Socials with remain FREE OF CHARGE FOR ALL ATTENDEES.


Housing Services

For housing professionals
who specialise in:

12.00pm ~ 1.30pm
Tuesday 1st September

Property Services

For housing professionals
who specialise in:

12.00pm ~ 1.30pm
Wednesday 2nd September


For housing professionals
who specialise in:

12.00pm ~ 1.30pm
Thursday 3rd September

Development & Planning

For housing professionals
who specialise in:

12.00pm ~ 1.30pm
Friday 4th September


Annette Brandwood

Director of Governance, Assurance & Risk
Cobalt Housing

The Northern Housing Socials are not only insightful and interesting, they really are very refreshing.  Networking with housing professionals and others linked to the sector is extremely useful and the range of knowledge and experiences openly shared, with the chance to hear presentations, is invaluable.  I particularly enjoy putting faces to names of people I’ve previously only e-mailed or phoned, but even more important is the chance to meet a lot of new and very interesting people.  Members are friendly, fun and welcoming and by sharing plans and experiences, we’ll be able to learn so much from each other.  I’m already looking forward to the next Social event.

Steve Hoey

Chief Executive
Leeds Community Homes

I recommend the Northern Housing Award Socials to Third Public Sector colleagues involved in creating and managing social housing. They are an opportunity to meet in a friendly environment with a wide range of professionals from across the region, hearing diverse perspectives and making new contacts. 

Lucie Smith

Head of Finance
Mosscare St Vincent’s Housing Group

I found the session really good – I particularly liked the automatic move from one breakout session to another.  It saves the awkward “ok, I’m going to leave this group and find another one” moment.  A bit like speed dating between breakout groups – good networking!

Ffrancon Williams 

Chief Executive
Adra (Tai) Cyfyngedig

I participated in my first Northern Housing “Social” last week as a presenter and found the experience really valuable. Firstly the social provides an easy and relaxed, opportunity where you can get to know fellow professionals in your sector and associated with your sector – all virtually and from the comfort of your own home!. If you see a particular person from the attendee list who you would like to speak to during the social, you can!….., or you have the option of contacting them after the session; All the virtual technology worked seamlessly and was really easy to use, even for  someone like me who is still “getting used to it”. Secondly, you can be a presenter  at the social which gives you an opportunity to present information on particular topics which stimulate discussions and debate within the virtual audience, the feedback from which is really useful to shape ideas “back at base”. I’ll be looking out for the next one!

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